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Le 22 November 2017, 05:07 dans 什么都有 0

Google’s improved image blending means a more seamless Street View

These so-called rosettes are those camera balls you see sitting atop the colorful Google Street View cars – they contain 15 independent camera sensors, each with their own sense, which are constantly taking images as they shuttle around streets. Software handles stitching those images together so that you can use Street View to virtually ‘step into’ any scene from anywhere the cars operate to get a frozen-in-time glimpse at what that spot would look like from a pedestrian’s perspective.

Or, almost what it would look like; one thing you’ve probably noticed if you’ve spent any time in Street View is that the stitch points, or places where the multiple images captured by the rosette’s 15 cameras, are often painfully obvious. This is not a problem that’s unique to Google, and it appears in a lot of panorama image stitching, in smartphones, consumer cameras, VR video capture and more.

Google still manages to be pretty good at making up for these deficiencies such that you aren’t often terribly aware of the overlap points between images, but it’s also now rolling out a new algorithm that makes things even more, well, seamless. Basically, the process uses any overlapping areas to locate pixels that correspond directly to one another in each image, and then it simplifies that data set, eliminating any corresponding points where there isn’t enough visual structural data (like a building edge, for instance) to accurately calculate the flow from one image to the other.

The challenge is that Google’s algorithm has to do this while keeping the rest of the image looking ‘normal,’ or appealing to our natural human sensibilities. You can very quickly tell when looking at images when things don’t look quite right, even if you can’t put your finger on why, and sometime warping a picture to achieve a desired in one area can have a dramatic effect on other elements in the image.

Google’s technique specifically avoids introducing new visual issue while selectively warming the crossover areas of stitched images, to produce smooth, continuous panoramas that still look accurate across the frame. It produces some amazing results, as you can see in the video above and the gallery below.

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Google is using this to restitch panoramas right now, but there are obviously a lot of panoramas to restitch in the whole of Street View, so don’t be surprised if you still find some awkward transitions out there. One day, though, we could virtually tour the world without any odd imaging artifacts.


Pops Proves Its Never Too Late

Le 17 May 2016, 05:45 dans Humeurs 0

Pops first set the goal in high school, but when he graduated he thought he wasn't mature enough to pursue it so he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

He dreamed about it as a member of the 82nd Airborne as he became an Army Ranger. Later, in the first Gulf War, he thought about his goal again, as he also did during his service in the Kosovo conflict. For 20 years, through his Army career, a war, marriage and six children, Pops kept the dream and the goal alive.

Never mind that he was considered far too old to pursue his dream, Pops just couldn't let go.

When he retired from the Army at 39, he decided it was finally time to do something about the goal he'd set so many years before. He moved his family to Columbia, South Carolina and enrolled as a freshman at the University of South Carolina.

No, he wasn't considered too old for that. Many others, much older, have pursued college degrees for the first time. What Tim "Pops" Frisby did was even more special. At an age when even most professional players have hung up there helmets, he began working out with the South Carolina Gamecocks football team during the winter. Working out with players half his age, all of whom were young enough to be his son, he competed for a position on a Division One major College Football Team.

It was a goal that Pops had lived with for a long time and he began to realize it when coaches invited him back for fall drills. When South Carolina kicked off their season against the University of Georgia, Tim Frisby was on the sidelines wearing Gamecock jersey number 89. On September 25th, against Troy, the legendary Lou Holtz, head coach at South Carolina, sent Pops into the game for its final four plays. "I have a lot of respect for the guy," Holtz said. "A Ranger, 20 years in the Army, six kids. He loves this team. I thought it would be good to get him in. I'm sorry we could not throw it to him." But knowing the way that Pops Frisby makes his dreams come true, that's just a matter of time.

Disastrous rain in the south

Le 4 May 2016, 05:44 dans Humeurs 0

Recently I learnt from TV many areas in the south have been suffering acutely from incessant rain. The land has been saturated by the rain. And sunlight could hardly be seen for so long. Some rivers, lakes and reservoirs rose to the warning water levels. Besides extensive fields, numerous urban streets have been submerged under water HKUE DSE.

Landsides can happen at any time in the mountain areas struck. Compared with that of the same period in the region in the past, the rainfall this year is excessive. I can not help sympathizing with those southerners whose life and agricultural production have greatly been affected by the flood HKUE DSE.

The south is not an ideal place to live in for its scorching heat and aggressive insects in summer and moisture all year round are unbearable for northerners. Its enchanting scenery can be appreciated on TV or by making a short visit. That’s why I firmly persuaded son not to apply for admission to any college in the south after knowing the results of his college entrance examination last year HKUE DSE.

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