Recently I learnt from TV many areas in the south have been suffering acutely from incessant rain. The land has been saturated by the rain. And sunlight could hardly be seen for so long. Some rivers, lakes and reservoirs rose to the warning water levels. Besides extensive fields, numerous urban streets have been submerged under water HKUE DSE.

Landsides can happen at any time in the mountain areas struck. Compared with that of the same period in the region in the past, the rainfall this year is excessive. I can not help sympathizing with those southerners whose life and agricultural production have greatly been affected by the flood HKUE DSE.

The south is not an ideal place to live in for its scorching heat and aggressive insects in summer and moisture all year round are unbearable for northerners. Its enchanting scenery can be appreciated on TV or by making a short visit. That’s why I firmly persuaded son not to apply for admission to any college in the south after knowing the results of his college entrance examination last year HKUE DSE.